Friday, July 30, 2010

The Family Bed

I have not been sleeping well.
The past few nights I can't fall asleep and when I finally do, I wake up almost every hour.
I think I have it figured out.
It may have to do with two furry four-legged friends and a two legged man.
The cats are always rambunctious when we're trying to fall asleep, but lately they've been a little needy.
Both cats snuggle closely to my legs, sandwiching them in.
But they're already asleep.
So I curl my legs up to my chest and then Margo moves up next to my legs and Wilson scoots in even closer.  Now my lungs are being crushed by my knees and my feet are beginning to fall asleep. 
Then to make it even worse, my husband took up the ENTIRE bed last night.  I was forced to sleep in a tiny ball hanging off the edge of the bed while the rest of my family was sprawled out with inches of extra space surrounding them. 
I just dug my heel into my husband and he moved over very quickly.  (What was I supposed to do?)  
I think we need to invest in a California King sized bed or make a no children allowed rule.  More is definitely not merrier.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's July and I'm Starting School

Today was your typical hot July summers day...except it doesn't feel like summer anymore. 
We had a meeting in the morning.
Classroom time in the afternoon.
Oh and did I mention I got to have lunch with my husband?
He stopped by school to help me set up my fish tank. 
He made it very zen with a rock sculpture...I know my class of five year olds will appreciate it :)
(Martin, I realized that I'm going to need you to come weekly to take care of this fancy looks very complicated, and then I'll have an excuse to see you :)

In other classroom news, I sacrificed my teacher desk so that I would have room for my is well worth it!  Now I've been working on getting my supplies organized.   

I've been into labeling this week:)

I worked on a few musical ideas I've had.  I want my students to be immersed in music and I want them to participate as much as they can.  I made ribbon sticks for students to move to the or slow and I made shakers using plastic eggs filled with beans.  

I don't think I was as productive today as I have been the past few days.  It's hard when everyone is back to want to catch up and see how everyone's doing, the e-mails won't stop coming until next May, the meetings are stacking up, and the to-do list is ever growing.  And to think, yesterday I had absolutely nothing to do.  It's almost comical.

I'm off to go exercise...nothing like a good workout to ease the stress. Hope everyone's having a great Thursday.  Tomorrow's Friday already! 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


What do you think of my new glasses? Do they make me look smarter?
When I was in elementary school I would have done ANYTHING to have glasses. And now of course I would do anything to not have them. 
My husband likes to sometimes do a little bragging about how he was given the gift of perfect vision..yeah yeah.  Although, his blue eyes are pretty perfect. 

My perfect visioned husband took me back to school shopping this evening.
It's tradition.
You have to start the new school year with a few new looks...even teachers. Now I'm feeling a little more ready.  It's funny how new school supplies and new clothes can get you mentally prepared to start school.

Tomorrow is it.
My last day of summer vacation.
Although it's sort of depressing I'm excited to start a new school year. 
A new school year gives us a fresh start, new faces, new stories to tell.  Our classrooms will soon be bustling with little voices and lots of activity. I have a feeling this year is going to be great. 
And I can't tell you how excited I am to be teaching Kindergarten again! 

Monday, July 26, 2010

I Wish...

(our honeymoon in Kauai)
Martin and I wish we were here right now.

I start school in t-minus 4 days.
Where did my summer go? 
I feel like I didn't even get a summer, with summer's been sort of an odd summer.
A summer of changes. And we all know how much I adore change.
But lately I've had a stirring inside that I actually need a bigger change in my life. 
Martin and I are always talking about moving. The economy has kept us stuck where we are.  I'm so thankful that we have both been blessed with jobs...but I know this isn't where we're supposed to be or we wouldn't keep talking about moving. 
Since I moved away for college I've always wanted to move back home to Fort Collins.  But now even that doesn't feel right.  We've talked about moving to Boulder...but the more I think about that the less it appeals to me. 
We've talked about moving to the Northwest...Washington or maybe Oregon. 
I wish we knew what to do, or where to go.
I guess we just start searching and if it's meant to be it will happen...that I truly believe. 

Martin wants to invest in a really nice hammock and live in Kauai. 
Today the idea doesn't seem so crazy.  

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Favorite

Tonight my husband made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.
I know this may not seem like a big deal, but since he's changed his...rather our eating habits to align with the Paleo Diet, we haven't enjoyed a nice heaping bowl of spaghetti in months! And as a person who was eating spaghetti at least three times a week prior to this lifestyle change it has been a difficult process.
Tonight, dinner was heaven. 
(thank you Martin :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Classroom Update

I've changed a whole lot around in my classroom for the start of this school year.  This will be my second year in this particular classroom, so I'm still trying to get a good feel of the space and how I can best use it. 
When I'm decorating my room it usually takes me a long time and I do a lot of this...
then I'll magically get inspiration  :)
I decided to move my word wall from the white board to the ceiling which freed up some more space on the board.
Isn't this the cutest chair? My mom and I found this great little red chair at the flea market.  Students will use it when they're sharing their work. 
My morning meeting board.  I moved the alphabet down to eye level for the kids, purchased a new calendar and job chart.  We'll keep track of the days of school by bundling straws and then using my 100 days caterpillar.  I drew the schedule last year...I based them off of some examples in the book Classroom Routines That Really Work for PreK and Kindergarten
I really love how my library is starting to take shape.  I built a tree out of paper and just added the fish tank, which will hold a few colorful guppies (thanks to my husband) I think I might want to add another tree on the other side of the bulletin board so it has more of a 'forest' feeling...what do you think? 

Now I need to work on the other half of my room!

The first day of school is August 4th...can you believe it?! I think school should still start in September when you can start to smell fall in the air, not when the blacktop is melting from 100 degree heat on the playground.  Kindergarten is a little luckier because we start a week later...BUT STILL!  

My last few days of summer are blurring into one another with naps and pool time.  In fact, the sun is calling my name now.  Hope everyone is having a great Monday! 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Something Crazy

I did it!
I got my nose pierced (sorry daddy).
 When I walked into the tattoo parlor it was obvious that I totally didn't fit in with my capris and t-shirt.  The women there had their fishnet stockings on, corset tops, and tattoos covering their legs, arms, and necks. 
Tabitha, the body piercing expert, was very nice. She could tell I was nervous because she asked why I was so nervous.
"It's pretty obvious, huh?" I said.
She said not to worry because getting her nose pierced was the least painful of all the piercings she had had done on herself.  
I believed her...she wasn't someone you would question to their face. And even more so because she had a piercing on every part of her body. 
She cleaned the area and I got a quick glimpse of what was about to go through my nose...not a good idea.
I was asked if I was ready...I said yes like I was asking a question, feeling like maybe this wasn't such a good idea. 
It took thirty seconds...and it was done.
She was so wrong about it not hurting.  I pretended like I hadn't just had a needle pushed through my nose and tried to shrug off the pain. 
"My eyes are watering!" I said dumbly, pointing out the really obvious. 
I was told that that was very normal.
Good. I was starting to fit in after all.  

After a few weeks of getting used to the new addition on my nose, I really love it. It's so small that most people don't even notice it.
Women all over the world have their noses pierced and I think it looks beautiful.
Plus my husband really likes it. 

Saturday, July 17, 2010

How My Night Went

My night went a little something like this...

10:00pm Get ready for bed
10:15pm Lights out
10:30pm Toss and turn...Margo and Wilson tear down the hallway chasing each other
11:00pm Toss and turn...Margo and Wilson try to look out the window crashing into the blinds
2:00am Wake up to a loud crash and sharp pain in my arm
2:01am Run and turn on the light
2:03am My arm is bleeding with claw marks
2:05am The plant, my alarm clock, book, and glasses are no longer on the bedside table.
2:06am All the dirt from the plant is now on the pile of clean laundry
2:08am See a little black tail behind the door
2:09am Huff, Puff, and growl as I clean up dirt clods
2:15am Glare at my cat
2:16am Pet my cat and tell her it's okay because she's so cute
2:17am Martin is still sound asleep...of course

Friday, July 16, 2010

Flea Market Treasures

What do you think of my new flea market find?
It's an old tin ceiling panel.
We sprayed it with RustOleum to keep the paint from chipping any we don't eat lead based paint chips while we sleep :)
I like to think about where it old it is. I love old things! 
A couple weeks ago I found my bedside table at a flea market for $10! 
We're slowly getting our bedroom the way we want it.  It takes a lot more patience, but I think I love a room even more when each piece has been specially picked out one at a time to make it your own. 

Thursday, July 15, 2010

You'll Never Guess!

My husband did the most extraordinary thing!
I went into the bathroom and of course, what's on the wall behind the toilet?
A daddy long legs the size of my face.
I hollered for Martin to come see and to my disbelief he walked right over to the spider, wrapped it in a kleenex and put it outside. I didn't tell him that the spider would probably trot right back into our apartment in 5 minutes because he didn't kill it.
This has been a constant battle between us.  Martin thinks we should live in harmony with the spiders and I think they should die. 

I have such a wonderful husband.  It's taken him a while to learn that I'm petrified of spiders (if 7 years is a while) even though every time I see one I scream or curl up into a ball whimpering...
Today I think he finally gave up :) 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Funny Story...well now anyways

Did you know that the my first day of marriage was spent in the E.R.?
It suuurre was.
The cold, crowded, germ infested E.R. 

The evening of our wedding turned into Martin grimacing from side and chest pain.  
Me, a person who WORRIES about EVERYTHING didn't sleep much...every worst case scenario was playing in my head. Appendicitis? Ebola Virus? Yellow Fever?  I kept listening to see if he was still breathing and every time he yelled out in pain I panicked. 

In the very early morning as we got up to catch the shuttle to the airport, Martin was still suffering...he could barely stand up and every time he took a breath he groaned.  But according to him, he was still going to go to Kauai even if it killed him.  I tried to talk some sense into him that being thousands of feet up in the air OVER AN OCEAN was not the best of ideas at this moment.
(I was very calm)
We called my mother-in-law, who is a nurse, and she suggested we head over to the E.R.  There was only one slight problem, we didn't have a car.  I quickly called my big sister and on the verge of crying tried to tell her we had to go to the hospital.

After hours of sitting in the E.R., canceling our flight, worrying and worrying, Martin was released.  Nothing was wrong with him.  He was perfectly fine. 

hmmm nerves maybe?

A day later we were on a secluded beach in Kauai, Martin was smiling ear to ear, the only pain he was feeling was from a mild sunburn. And I was enjoying laying in the warm sun next to my new and healthy husband. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

One Year Ago Today

A year ago today I began a new adventure with my best friend.

Happy Anniversary to my sweet, sweet husband.

(check this out, I made it just for you!)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Two Years Ago Today

We came to the perfect spot off the side of the road.
We were the only ones there.
It was beautiful, right next to the river.
We set up our picnic, the cantelope was extra juicy when we cut into it. We sipped our sparkling lemonade. 
As we were enjoying the beautiful nature around us Martin began to talk about us.  He told me how much he loved me, that he was proud of me, that he wanted to be with me forever.  I think I knew what was coming next. I had been waiting for this moment for five years...every day, every minute, every second. I felt like I was dreaming. 
Then he asked me.
I hugged him so hard, began to cry, and of course I said, "Yes!" after lots of, "ARE YOU SURE?! YOU REALLY MEAN IT!?" 
I remember smiling until my mouth hurt. I kept looking at Martin thinking that this was the best moment of my life so far. 
Just as we began to eat our lunch, a whole car load of visitors to the park began to set up their picnic at the table next to us...their timing couldn't have been more perfect.  I wonder if they could feel that something magical had just happened at their picnic spot...or maybe they were just wondering why the couple at the other table was so giddy with happiness.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

On Being a Twin: Part 2

My twin sister leaves tomorrow.
The next time I see her it will probably be snowing.
This is the hardest part, saying goodbye.
Last weekend we shared a room at my parents house.
We snuggled into bed and talked and talked and talked and laughed until we both were quiet. We have this great idea to write a book together about what it's like to be a twin.  
Sometimes I forget. 
Especially when we're apart for so long.  I forget what it's like to be called 'Kate', I forget what it's like to get double looks from strangers in the grocery store, I forget what it's like to hear my own voice in the other room, I forget how great it is to have someone give you their honest opinion about how you look...because they look the same. I forget how nice it is to have someone just like me around all the time. 
Now she has to be brave again and head back to Florida and I have to be brave again without her here in Colorado. 
I know she has to go...her job is there, her home is there, that's where her life is for now.  
We have a few more hours left I think we'll just go sit in the sun quietly, and quietly is okay because we both know that there are no words that can make saying goodbye any easier. 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Celebrating a Year

Can you believe it's been almost a year since Martin and I were married?
(this is why you live in Colorado!)

My favorite husband and I went to Glenwood Springs for a night to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. 
We enjoyed a couples massage at the spa
Dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant
And relaxing in the hot springs
It was the perfect romantic getaway. 
Now we're not newlyweds anymore...we're an experienced married couple :) 
There were lots and lots of elderly couples soaking in the hot springs. I couldn't help but wonder what their secret to so many years of marriage was.  What they were like as a young married couple...what they had been through together?
 And if that's what Martin and I will look like when we're 90. 
I hope so
Hard of hearing, wrinkly, but definitely...most definitely happy.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Home for the 4th

What is it about going to back to your parents home?
It's so comforting.
The same.
We were all together again...the original five
We had a great 4th of July.
We didn't get to see any fireworks rained and rained. 
But we still enjoyed our traditional 4th of July festivities including eating pie...cherry, blueberry, and apple...I know you might be a little jealous so you'll just have to join us next year :)
We just got home today from our anniversary trip so I have a lot to catch you up on! 
Hope you're having a great week!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Can't Wait!

I get to see these two in about 24 hours!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I've realized that when you do pretty much nothing during a summers day
you end up like 8pm 
Today was nice.
Martin had the day off from work and coincidentally so did I!
We spent the morning at the pool.
Watched a few episodes of Mad Men (I highly recommend)
Did something a little crazy...more on that later.
Went for a summer walk.
Now I'm taking my cue from must be time for bed.