Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The First Week

Already a week has gone by. I can't even begin to describe how our lives have changed in a mere seven days.  Each day makes us more seasoned parents...learning Everdeen's cries and coos, learning how to change a diaper with superhuman speed, learning that sometimes you just need a good cry too along with the baby. And most importantly, trusting in our instincts and trusting in each other that we are doing the right thing.
We are surviving :)
My favorite part of the day is when Martin comes home from work. He is a natural and I love watching my two favorite people together. The way he says his daughter's name, the way he counts her little fingers and toes...the way he sings to her. You'd think he'd done this a million times before.  I really didn't know I could fall even more head over heals in love with my husband...he has been truly amazing. 
My emotions are still running a bit wild. Every time I look at my sweet baby I am overcome with happiness, joy, and amazement...we made her, she's all ours. 

Friday, July 27, 2012


Everdeen Kate Wolfe
July 24
7lb 1oz

Little Everdeen, better late than never :) You have made our lives complete in ways we didn't know were possible. 

I can't wait to share her birth story and of course more pictures of our little girl. But for now, we are adjusting to life as a family of three and loving every moment together! 

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Hi friends! I'm still here.

I know I will share more about this week when I write about my little girl's birth story, but this has been a very tiring week.  I seem to be having a very unique labor where I am laboring in shifts.  I was in labor from 1am until about 9am this morning with very very strong and regular contractions.  And then they spread themselves out. This has been our life for the past four days...almost five days now. We figure at this rate our baby will have all her teeth and probably be a teenager by the time she comes out :) My doula tells me that this type of labor, although rare, can be nice because it's allowing me lots of rest in between lots of work. 

We had an appointment on Wednesday and everything is still looking great and healthy.  My body is making progress, just on it's own time...sounds like Jessica time to me.  I'm the same way in life, I need days to prepare for life changing events and maybe my mind knows this and is helping me ease into labor so I don't panic. 

Whatever the reason, Martin and I (and our family and friends) are more ready than ever to meet our daughter. 
Maybe tonight is the night...

Monday, July 16, 2012


We're still waiting for our little girl to make her appearance.
I feel like the last few days have been so trying on my emotions, my attitude, and my body.  Having an entire day of progressive contractions only to wake up in the morning feeling nothing again feels like you've been defeated.  I was feeling so sure she would come early...I guess that's why so many tell you to throw out all set plans you have when you are pregnant :) 

The past three weeks, especially, have been filled with so much anticipation and excitement, everyday wondering if our little miracle will be here soon.  As the days have ticked passed her due date, I feel like I've lost some of my excitement. Each day that passes and doesn't bring with it our little girl makes me feel frustrated wondering what I'm doing wrong. In the back of my mind I'm really fearing induction...I know her birth is inevitable, but somehow each day is feeling like a lifetime. 
Today we decided to try acupuncture. My sister took me to the appointment and stayed with me while the little needles were placed into each pressure point.  The acupuncturist began by asking if there might be any worries, fears, or concerns that I had that might be slowing my labor. I feel like I've tried my hardest to put on a brave face and in all reality most days I do feel brave. I told her, with my eyes filling with tears, that I'm afraid of how things will change when the baby arrives.  Each night as my husband and I go for our walks, I hold his hand a little tighter knowing that soon it won't just be the two of us. The us we've known for the past 10 years is about to change forever.  And of course there is the fear of giving birth...of the pain--being in an unfamiliar place, wanting to know that our baby will be born healthy and strong. 

The acupuncturist had me think of my fears and release them.

I laid in the dimly lit room for a long time with the sound of birds chirping and waves crashing.  My sister and I talked quietly and my body began to relax.  She helped me come up with a plan for the things that I could control and helped me realize that the things I can't control will be okay as well. 

Soon I felt my contractions start up again. 
I came home, made some raspberry leaf tea, hung some twinkle lights in our bedroom, and put on my favorite music.  I realized that my mind had been cleansed and I need to keep it that way. No more negative distractions...no more negative energy that my little girl can undoubtedly feel.
The evening rain began falling in heavy sheets and I opened the windows, welcoming the cool breeze.  I really do feel relaxed. I feel like the things I was worried about before don't feel so big right now. I'm focused on the end result...holding my little girl against my chest for the first time. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

How do we celebrate three years?

I spent extra long getting ready for our date. I even used my good smelling shampoo for the special occasion.  Getting ready these days is tricky...I feel like myself until I look in the mirror and am shocked at the reflection every time. Is that really my belly? Is my face really that round? But oh the volume and thickness of my hair...I'm in love.  That can definitely stay.
We headed to a local Italian restaurant to celebrate. In a way I'm a little glad our baby didn't come on her due date...then we'd have to share our special day.  Now we can still selfishly have a day that is just about us.  
Martin was very gentleman-like and opened the car door for me (although he always does) and even scooted the table out of the way so me and my belly could squeeze into the booth. 
 Trying to choose something for Martin that has no gluten in it was a bit challenging and even though I should have done the same, I couldn't help myself and ordered the Fettucini Alfredo. 
 I decided the onions on Martin's salad should join his croutons he can't eat.  He then pointed out that my entire plate of spaghetti should be on the "no no plate" as well...touche :)

 And because it's not a celebration without a piece of chocolate cake the size of your head...I enjoyed my third of the cake while Martin observed and smiled. He didn't even tell me my cake should be on the "no no plate" because he knows that it's my favorite. That right there tells me he's a keeper :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Baby Sanford...not such a baby anymore

Dear Sanford,
 Please stop growing so quickly.
You're beginning to resemble a little boy...teething, standing and sitting up by yourself, giggling. I'm sure I'll be that annoying adult that always tells you, "I remember when you were born! And now look at you!"  You even don't have much more time left in your little blue helmet...in fact, you've only cried a few times, but other than that, you've been such a big boy about it! 
I love that you've been coming over for lots of play dates this summer, keeping your Auntie Jessica busy while we all patiently await the arrival of your cousin.  Pretty soon you won't be the baby of the family anymore.  You'll just have to take on your new role of big cousin and teach Everdeen everything you've learned in the past 8 months. 
I can't wait for you to meet each other! 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy Three Years!

This anniversary feels a little more monumental than the past two. We are about to become parents together for the first time. In fact our baby's due date is today, which I think is pretty special. 

The past three years have been incredible...filled with our own share of ups and downs. Moments that have taught us what marriage is and what it truly means. I cannot imagine my life without Martin and there is no one else in this world that I would rather be on this adventure with. 

And for fun...and because I feel sappy looking at my wedding pictures here is a snapshot into our wedding day :) 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Little Baby Wall

Today we (and by we I mean my lovely husband) hung up the last of the decorations for the baby. I like how the little wall with the changing table turned out...it's bright and cheerful.  I can only imagine what I could have done with an entire room or a can of paint! Oh well, our checking account is thanking us I'm sure :) Wilson and Margo are going to have to find a new place to sleep here very soon...the minute we brought home the changing table they thought we had bought them a luxury padded bed and I haven't had the heart to tell them it isn't really for cats, but for their new sister. 
The prints on the wall are by Katie Daisy.  I love the color combinations of yellows, blues, and corals and I love how both of these quotes make me smile every time I read them. My mom found the beautiful white frame for me while antiquing and it has the perfect amount of whimsy to it. 
We picked up the fabric chicks and heart hangers from World Market.  They are so vibrant and I love that they are handmade so each one is different. I hope our little girl will feel happy in her new surroundings. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Morning Rain

Morning rain storms are so rare here in Colorado. 
But they make me feel so happy when they do make their appearance.  What a refreshing way to start the day.
Our apartment is a little damp from having the windows wide open, but I don't care because having the smell of fresh rain fill your lungs is worth it. 
 The past few days have really cooled off and my swelling has gone down so much.  My feet look so small now...I don't know if they can hold up this big belly for much longer. 
I'm 3 days away from my due date and I have a feeling she might come a little sooner than that.  We've been telling our little girl over and over that it would be best if she waited to come when the heat had died down...it would be nice if she listened :)  

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Today we slept in late, enjoying the fact that it was a holiday and neither of us had to work. It's been so hot that we barely sleep through the night anymore, so it felt nice to finally catch up on some sleep. 
  We were invited to attend Martin's work BBQ at the retirement community so we headed over around lunch time to get our hotdogs and enjoy some of the festivities.  This is the first 4th of July that I haven't spent at home with my parents (remember last year's very memorable 4th?)...it was a little bittersweet seeing I missed out on one of my favorite family traditions of a big slice of homemade cherry pie. But Martin and I made the best of it meandering in and out of the elderly and excited grandchildren, finding our own quiet piece of shade to enjoy our lunch in.  A few women gave me the "Oh, you poor thing!" speech while gazing wide eyed at my belly.  I overheard one women say, "That poor girl looks so miserable..." Ummm, thanks?  
Everyday I wonder if today is the day our baby girl will join us. I've been having quite a few contractions, some are pretty painful, but so far it's just my body revving up for it's big moment. Hopefully soon. I'm not sure how much bigger I can get...yet everyday my body surprises me and I seem to grow even more. 
I know these last few days of just us are so precious, so I'm trying to keep my mind occupied with little projects and enjoy the quiet while it lasts :)

I hope everyone is having a fun 4th of July!