Thursday, July 15, 2010

You'll Never Guess!

My husband did the most extraordinary thing!
I went into the bathroom and of course, what's on the wall behind the toilet?
A daddy long legs the size of my face.
I hollered for Martin to come see and to my disbelief he walked right over to the spider, wrapped it in a kleenex and put it outside. I didn't tell him that the spider would probably trot right back into our apartment in 5 minutes because he didn't kill it.
This has been a constant battle between us.  Martin thinks we should live in harmony with the spiders and I think they should die. 

I have such a wonderful husband.  It's taken him a while to learn that I'm petrified of spiders (if 7 years is a while) even though every time I see one I scream or curl up into a ball whimpering...
Today I think he finally gave up :) 

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