Saturday, January 30, 2016

A January Walk (a little video)

Today was much warmer than it's been so we took advantage of the time we had together as a family before Martin headed off to work. We found cattails and made wishes to the sky as we watched flocks of geese fly above us.  By the time we began to walk home the weather had already changed back to it's January self with grey clouds hovering in the sky and a brisk wind blowing. A storm is coming and a new blanket of snow will fall.  These winter days really are beautiful, even if they are monochromatic and we just can't seem to ever get warm (I think the other night I had 7 layers on me when I went to bed!). I feel like our days are going so quickly that I'm okay if we get snowed in to help time stand a bit more still...

Monday, January 18, 2016

a walk to the library {a video}

Even during these dreary and cold January days, we try our best to get outside as much as we can.  Even if it means just a quick walk around the neighborhood after school. Last weekend we bundled up and headed to the library.  We go to the library at least once a week, but it was a special treat to get to enjoy the warm sunshine on such a brisk day and walk the mile there. Everdeen was a trooper and walked the entire way! The walk home was a different story :) She fell soundly asleep in the sling on the way back and I was one happy mama having my tiny tot snoozing in my arms!