Tuesday, May 30, 2017


We celebrated Martin's first official day of summer vacation with a hike near Horsetooth. Now that we both work for the school district, our summers are spent as a family, which we know is a truly amazing gift! We needed a pretty easy trail for our first hike as a family of four, especially with me only being two weeks postpartum.  With a short fifteen minute drive we found the perfect trail, although I've realized now that my husband's version of 'an easy hike' and mine are completely different. It's sort of like that time when I was 7 months pregnant and basically hiked up the side of the mountain in flip flops because he told me we were going on a picnic lunch at the park...;)

We love being able to take Everdeen hiking and showing her all the beautiful places near our home.  She always does so well keeping up, even with an armful of stuffed animals.  Weston slept the whole time, but I know he could hear the birds singing and feel the breeze in his hair :) I have absolutely loved wearing my babies and it makes it possible to do things, like hiking, with your little one wrapped closely to your body! 

Here's to being brave with a newborn and many more hikes and outside adventures together! 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

It's a BOY!

Weston Kimani Wolfe
May 10th
7lbs 15oz

I can't believe HE is here! I knew in my heart it was a little boy who would be joining our family...it was him this whole time.

We are adjusting as a family of four in a newborn haze and I can't tell you enough how thankful I am for my husband. He has been incredible as he's given me the time to just be with Weston...giving me time to rest and relearn all the newborn things! He takes Everdeen to parks and the library and gives her the attention she needs right now. I'm slowly starting to feel like myself again. My recovery this time around has been night and day compared to my first pregnancy and for that I am so grateful.  

I'm working on writing my birth story down...so I can remember the little details. Things didn't quite go as I had planned and hoped for, but this time around I'm being gentle with myself and truly realize that in the end, holding my sweet baby safely in my arms is all that matters.