Sunday, July 18, 2010

Something Crazy

I did it!
I got my nose pierced (sorry daddy).
 When I walked into the tattoo parlor it was obvious that I totally didn't fit in with my capris and t-shirt.  The women there had their fishnet stockings on, corset tops, and tattoos covering their legs, arms, and necks. 
Tabitha, the body piercing expert, was very nice. She could tell I was nervous because she asked why I was so nervous.
"It's pretty obvious, huh?" I said.
She said not to worry because getting her nose pierced was the least painful of all the piercings she had had done on herself.  
I believed her...she wasn't someone you would question to their face. And even more so because she had a piercing on every part of her body. 
She cleaned the area and I got a quick glimpse of what was about to go through my nose...not a good idea.
I was asked if I was ready...I said yes like I was asking a question, feeling like maybe this wasn't such a good idea. 
It took thirty seconds...and it was done.
She was so wrong about it not hurting.  I pretended like I hadn't just had a needle pushed through my nose and tried to shrug off the pain. 
"My eyes are watering!" I said dumbly, pointing out the really obvious. 
I was told that that was very normal.
Good. I was starting to fit in after all.  

After a few weeks of getting used to the new addition on my nose, I really love it. It's so small that most people don't even notice it.
Women all over the world have their noses pierced and I think it looks beautiful.
Plus my husband really likes it. 


  1. I guess I fit into the "most poeple didn't even notice it" catagory. You are very brave and it looks great in you picture!

  2. haha I was going to point it out to you, but I forgot I had it :)