Friday, July 9, 2010

On Being a Twin: Part 2

My twin sister leaves tomorrow.
The next time I see her it will probably be snowing.
This is the hardest part, saying goodbye.
Last weekend we shared a room at my parents house.
We snuggled into bed and talked and talked and talked and laughed until we both were quiet. We have this great idea to write a book together about what it's like to be a twin.  
Sometimes I forget. 
Especially when we're apart for so long.  I forget what it's like to be called 'Kate', I forget what it's like to get double looks from strangers in the grocery store, I forget what it's like to hear my own voice in the other room, I forget how great it is to have someone give you their honest opinion about how you look...because they look the same. I forget how nice it is to have someone just like me around all the time. 
Now she has to be brave again and head back to Florida and I have to be brave again without her here in Colorado. 
I know she has to go...her job is there, her home is there, that's where her life is for now.  
We have a few more hours left I think we'll just go sit in the sun quietly, and quietly is okay because we both know that there are no words that can make saying goodbye any easier. 

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  1. You made me cry. Mom's of twins have twice as many hugs and kisses. I'm pretty lucky.