Saturday, July 17, 2010

How My Night Went

My night went a little something like this...

10:00pm Get ready for bed
10:15pm Lights out
10:30pm Toss and turn...Margo and Wilson tear down the hallway chasing each other
11:00pm Toss and turn...Margo and Wilson try to look out the window crashing into the blinds
2:00am Wake up to a loud crash and sharp pain in my arm
2:01am Run and turn on the light
2:03am My arm is bleeding with claw marks
2:05am The plant, my alarm clock, book, and glasses are no longer on the bedside table.
2:06am All the dirt from the plant is now on the pile of clean laundry
2:08am See a little black tail behind the door
2:09am Huff, Puff, and growl as I clean up dirt clods
2:15am Glare at my cat
2:16am Pet my cat and tell her it's okay because she's so cute
2:17am Martin is still sound asleep...of course

1 comment :

  1. tell me about it. I got 0 hours of sleep because of your children ;)