Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's July and I'm Starting School

Today was your typical hot July summers day...except it doesn't feel like summer anymore. 
We had a meeting in the morning.
Classroom time in the afternoon.
Oh and did I mention I got to have lunch with my husband?
He stopped by school to help me set up my fish tank. 
He made it very zen with a rock sculpture...I know my class of five year olds will appreciate it :)
(Martin, I realized that I'm going to need you to come weekly to take care of this fancy looks very complicated, and then I'll have an excuse to see you :)

In other classroom news, I sacrificed my teacher desk so that I would have room for my is well worth it!  Now I've been working on getting my supplies organized.   

I've been into labeling this week:)

I worked on a few musical ideas I've had.  I want my students to be immersed in music and I want them to participate as much as they can.  I made ribbon sticks for students to move to the or slow and I made shakers using plastic eggs filled with beans.  

I don't think I was as productive today as I have been the past few days.  It's hard when everyone is back to want to catch up and see how everyone's doing, the e-mails won't stop coming until next May, the meetings are stacking up, and the to-do list is ever growing.  And to think, yesterday I had absolutely nothing to do.  It's almost comical.

I'm off to go exercise...nothing like a good workout to ease the stress. Hope everyone's having a great Thursday.  Tomorrow's Friday already! 


  1. Make sure you tape the shakers closed!

  2. It looks like you have alot of fun stuff for the kids! Don't be overwhelmed - everything will get done eventually! :-)