Monday, July 19, 2010

Classroom Update

I've changed a whole lot around in my classroom for the start of this school year.  This will be my second year in this particular classroom, so I'm still trying to get a good feel of the space and how I can best use it. 
When I'm decorating my room it usually takes me a long time and I do a lot of this...
then I'll magically get inspiration  :)
I decided to move my word wall from the white board to the ceiling which freed up some more space on the board.
Isn't this the cutest chair? My mom and I found this great little red chair at the flea market.  Students will use it when they're sharing their work. 
My morning meeting board.  I moved the alphabet down to eye level for the kids, purchased a new calendar and job chart.  We'll keep track of the days of school by bundling straws and then using my 100 days caterpillar.  I drew the schedule last year...I based them off of some examples in the book Classroom Routines That Really Work for PreK and Kindergarten
I really love how my library is starting to take shape.  I built a tree out of paper and just added the fish tank, which will hold a few colorful guppies (thanks to my husband) I think I might want to add another tree on the other side of the bulletin board so it has more of a 'forest' feeling...what do you think? 

Now I need to work on the other half of my room!

The first day of school is August 4th...can you believe it?! I think school should still start in September when you can start to smell fall in the air, not when the blacktop is melting from 100 degree heat on the playground.  Kindergarten is a little luckier because we start a week later...BUT STILL!  

My last few days of summer are blurring into one another with naps and pool time.  In fact, the sun is calling my name now.  Hope everyone is having a great Monday! 


  1. You're room looks fabulous - anytime you want to help me, you know where to find me!
    You are a great decorator!!

  2. Hey Jessica-

    The room looks fabulous-I'm jealous of how big your space is! Can I make one suggestion? This past year I made my Word Wall be at student level so they could pull words up and off it to use during Writer's Workshop. It was great-it was both an alphabetical activity since they had to 'sort' the words alphabetically, and also good for my boys who needed to get up and move a bit. It was recommended to me in a workshop that the Word Wall be student accessible, and I'm so glad I did it! Feel free to ignore me:-). -Eve

  3. So, you're helping me tomorrow, right!?! Just kidding, but seriously, if you want to I won't protest!

  4. Eve-that's a great suggestion! I actually tried that and didn't have enough room...but I'll try to brainstorm a way for it to work because then the kiddos can actually use the words!

  5. Your classroom is so cute!! I am loving your blog!

  6. Jessica....just so we're clear, I ennnnnnvy how amazing your room looks:-). Mine pales in comparison. Uggh, I just am beginning to slow down after wedding/honeymoon/getting settled craziness, and already it's time to buy my new lesson planning book and start putting up paper in my classroom. I LOVE YOUR CLASSROOM! The kindies are SO lucky to have that as their learning space!! -Eve (p.s. My Word Wall is on a blue felt-type material that I put velcro words on. They come off/on very easily. I'll see if I can find where it was purchased from...)

  7. I think your tree looks great...we can make another one this week! ~Elizabeth