Monday, July 26, 2010

I Wish...

(our honeymoon in Kauai)
Martin and I wish we were here right now.

I start school in t-minus 4 days.
Where did my summer go? 
I feel like I didn't even get a summer, with summer's been sort of an odd summer.
A summer of changes. And we all know how much I adore change.
But lately I've had a stirring inside that I actually need a bigger change in my life. 
Martin and I are always talking about moving. The economy has kept us stuck where we are.  I'm so thankful that we have both been blessed with jobs...but I know this isn't where we're supposed to be or we wouldn't keep talking about moving. 
Since I moved away for college I've always wanted to move back home to Fort Collins.  But now even that doesn't feel right.  We've talked about moving to Boulder...but the more I think about that the less it appeals to me. 
We've talked about moving to the Northwest...Washington or maybe Oregon. 
I wish we knew what to do, or where to go.
I guess we just start searching and if it's meant to be it will happen...that I truly believe. 

Martin wants to invest in a really nice hammock and live in Kauai. 
Today the idea doesn't seem so crazy.  


  1. Oh, I wish I was there too. Kauai, though - that might be a possibility.
    Thanks for following my blog - I've been enjoying yours! Following you too now. :-)

  2. I would love to move to Washington or Oregon! So I think you should, so I can live vicariously through you.