Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Today after dismissing the last row of kids to go start their letter 'I' practice I noticed something on the purple square.
It looked like blood at first, but no one was screaming for immediate medical attention...even the slightest scratch, even if you need a microsope to view it, will get kids running for help and a bandaid. 
After a minute of getting up my courage to touch it (hey you never know) I discovered it was crayon. Seriously?! They could have at least colored on the red square so I wouldn't have noticed.
I called my student over who happened to sit in that square and asked if he had a red crayon.
"Are you sure?"
Just as he turned away to head to his chair a red crayon fell from his hand.
smooth move

Then this afternoon my students found the name 'Miguel' written very neatly on the coat hooks.  Hmmmm...I wonder who it could have been? I called both Miguels over.
Miguel #1: "I DIDN'T DO IT!!"
Me: "You don't even know what I'm going to ask you."
a little smoother still...

I don't understand when these things are happening.  I pride myself in trying to always know what's going on in my classroom, who's up to what mischief...
I had a parent upset the other day that her daughter was being bullied and spit at.  I seriously was dumbfounded! When was this happening? I hadn't witnessed any of this and the child had never said anything to me. The parent assured me it was happening in the classroom and not on the playground (yeah because you're there when it's happening right?) Anyways, I told the parent I would talk to her daughter and the others involved to try solve the problem. Then she said, "I told her she needs to defend herself. If she gets hit I told her to hit back." My blood seriously began to boil. WHAT?! That is THE WORST parenting advice EVER! I looked at the parent point blank and said, "Well then your daughter is going to get into trouble too."

so there! 
Haha sometimes I just want to yell back like a five year old...that'll teach 'em!


  1. At least he can write his name!

  2. i agree with kate.

    {so sad!}


  3. haha...it was written very neatly which was impressive :)