Thursday, April 22, 2010

Remember Prom?

Prom season is in the air...
I got to go to my senior Prom with my now husband, which makes it extra special.
He picked me up in his tan Geo...wearing his nicest black suite. He looked very handsome. 
(who knew the next time we would be this dressed up we would be saying, "I do"?)

I was nervous...excited.
We drove to his parent's house and his dad took pictures.
Martin asked me to come to his room for a minute before we headed off to see his mom at work.  He pulled out a tiny box...a tiffany blue box with a white ribbon.  It was the most beautiful ring.
I couldn't stop smiling! At the dance I held out my hand for all my girlfriends to see.  
We danced and danced...well tried to.  I taught Martin all my swing dancing moves and he did his best to keep up :)

It was everything Prom should be...magical

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