Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Family

Dear Family,
Today we started All About My Family.  My students were so excited when I showed them a picture of all of us together a couple Easters ago.  "WOW!! Is that your family?!" I was so proud to say it was.  I went down the line and told them who each of you were...even though they've met everyone except for YOU DADDY!  They were talking about all of you like they had known you for years.  "Yeah...that's her sister Elizabeth because she has curly that's her twin sister not her older sister because she looks just like Mrs. Wolfe! Mrs. Wolfe's dad has a beard not a mustache." 
I then attempted to catch your personalities on'd I do?  They helped me as I drew, shouting out your individual features they've come to know well through all my other drawings..."No! Your mom has short hair that's wavy! You forgot your dad's nose!"  
When I hang up my story along the windows I'll have your cartoon faces watching out for me...reassuring me I'm doing my best...maybe laughing at me...maybe learning something about me. 
Come visit me soon! 


  1. Hey, I love our faces. Pick a Monday and I will come.

  2. i am happy to be part of your family too! ~Elizabeth