Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring a Ling

As I am typing this right now I can hear the birds chirping.

It makes me smile. 

I think I even see one blade of green grass out the window.

This morning I walked out to find no frost on my car windows and the smell of fresh rain. Rain makes everything happier.

I even spruced up my classroom a bit for spring today... 

When I was little my sister and I used to think Spring was such an "ugly" season. It would be warm outside, but everything was still dead.  I hated that. I think I'm over that now because Spring can not get here any sooner. 

Awww the birds stopped chirping...they must have gotten some sense knocked into them that it is still very much winter and the clouds look like they have stupid snow in them. 

I think I have Springitis.


  1. Cute! Did the kids like it?

  2. they didn't notice until I said, "Hey!! Look at our new bulletin board!"