Friday, March 5, 2010

The Pile

Here lies the pile.
Martin's pile.
It has been here for 33 days straight.
As far as I can tell it's probably going to stay there until we move out.
I started to sort through it and was told very loudly, "DO NOT THROW ANY OF THAT AWAY!!!" I'd throw away his Passport..geez 

or his Bob Dylan ticket from 9 years ago

or his teeny tiny miniature violin 

or my Senior Piano Recital program 

or prom pictures and cards from high school

or our mall photo booth portrait from college

...I could keep going if you want, the pile is quite large

Ahhh memories. I guess the spot in between the chair and side table is your home for now...unless my husband gets an inkling to start creating a scrap book.

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