Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Who Needs a Weather Man...

when you're a teacher

It's a very scientific fact that children can predict the weather better than any satellite or fancy shmancy radar.

Don't believe me? Take today for instance.

I think every student talked in a voice that was 1,000 decibels louder than it needed to be.  They were wondering around aimlessly, tired, then excited, then tired, then silly, then grumpy.  They were like nervous cattle. 

We did a lot of Yoga today...while listening to my new tranquil piano music with birds chirping and streams trickling. Ahhhh sanity. 
The weather has been very confusing lately (or maybe just typical Colorado).  I believe yesterday was close to 60 degrees and now I am looking out my window at some very serious snow falling. This afternoon we went through every type of precipitation...rain, hail(thunder), sleet, snow. 
Please chant the following as loudly as you can up at the sky...
...we really want a snow day.