Friday, March 26, 2010

Will You Miss Me?

Today with our last few minutes together before Spring Break I began explaining to my students that when we come back "You're going to be really big kids and have homework!"

Me: Any questions?
Student: Me and Tahmiere have the same shoes!
Me: Wow you sure do! Any questions about the homework?
Student: blguhahdgk
Me: Maybe you could swallow the water that's in your mouth first before you ask your question.
Student: Gulp! My friend's comin' over to play.
Me: Nevermind...Well friends I won't see you for a WHOLE week! I'm sure going to miss you! Are you going to miss me?
All my students echoed in chorus, "YEEEESSS!" excpet for one student who screamed, "NOOOO!"
I looked at him with a sad face...and he tucked his chin down with a smirky grin and giggled..."Just kidding." 

That there is one of the many reasons why we have Spring Break. 

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