Sunday, March 7, 2010

Great Weekend

This was the first weekend in...well...let's just say a really long time that I've actually accomplished something. I got to spend the past two days working side by side with my mom planning for school. 

My mom used to be a primary teacher before I was born, she is she loves to cut and paste (and can cut straight) which is helpful when you're planning for kindergarten. :) 
We were out all day Saturday running errands to get me prepared...teacher store, dollar store, Goodwill. We stayed up until almost midnight looking and working through book after book of ideas...all I dreamt about last night were math and literacy centers.

This morning we were up with the fog and spent another few hours putting our ideas into reality...Kinkos, dollar store, Michaels.

What has taken me 7 months to do on my own, my mom and I did in two days. I wish my mom was my daily classroom helper...I wish we didn't live so far apart. 

Sometimes you just need a guiding hand (a nonjudgmental hand)to get you started.

I feel inspired to finish the year out strong...only 50 or so days left...I've got to make them count. And with my cheering crowd going strong (i.e. my mom) I think I can do it. Wait, wait...I know I can do it. 

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  1. Thanks for the complements! I had a great weekend too. You're a great teacher and those little kiddos are pretty lucky.