Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Yesterday morning was great.
I got to spend half the day at another school watching a Kindergarten teacher. I had told my literacy coach that I had actually never seen a Kindergarten teacher teach except when I was in Kindergarten 20 years ago...and I really only remember when the girl next to me hit me. 

I'm glad to see that I'm not too far off in my own teaching.  It's so amazing how much you can learn in such a little amount of time.  

I spent 3 hours after school rearranging my classroom trying to use the ideas I saw in my own classroom. 

I'm pooped. 

But I think I finally have my room the way I want it. Which leads me to my substitute this morning...who should maybe find a different day job. 

I walked into my classroom this afternoon and just about had a heart attack.  Things from my ceiling were no longer hanging, my calendar was on the floor, which is literally impossible, and one of my student computers has a CD jammed into it.  Then the whole time I'm trying to put things back to perfection, the substitute is rambling my ear off about how she had forgotten how needy kindergarten students are and how my brightest student didn't, "Have a clue." She handed me her card and said, "Be sure to put me on your top five substitutes for the calling list."
Yeaaah...I'll be sure to do that.

I hate having substitutes. I don't know of ANY other job that takes as much work to be sick or absent. It's sort of like having someone come live in your house for a day...they probably snoop around, put their feet up on the coffee table, and then blame everything that went wrong on the "dog". 

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  1. Glad you learned a lot. Getting the right sub is so important.