Sunday, January 17, 2010

Shhhh Testing

This past week my students took their first test (they're growing up so fast). I got them really excited about it, "You get to READ!! You get to WRITE!! Wow it's so much fun!"  Let's just say they had figured out I was lying by the end of the third day.  

Me: "Turn the page. (holy cow! Take five minutes to re-find the right page for 24 students). Point to question 1,099,987. Mom was happy that her car was blank"
Students: "What's a blank?" 

Me: "Point to question 15 (wait five minutes for students to find #15).  Read all three sentences.  Choose the sentence that is written correctly" 
Students: scribbling in the bubble that looks most interesting to them

Me: "Point to question 16. That's right, the one after 15. 1-6. No, the one AFTER 15.  Write a sentence that describes the picture."
Students: ABCDEFGyuijkmMiguel

Towards the middle of each test my students, along with those of us proctoring, were so over it.  By the end of the last test (which lasted AN HOUR) I had two students crying, three students complaining that their tummies hurt, and two students asking for their mommy. 

Pretty sure my students didn't do so well on their first test.  I guess they have 13 more years to get it right.

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