Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fountain of Magic

Kindergartners are hypochondriacs.

I have a student whoes tummy hurts everyday. Today he just held his stomach and pointed at it while he looked at me with puppy eyes.  I told him to get a drink of water...because in Kindergarten a drink from the drinking fountain can cure anything from a paper cut to missing your mom. 

When I told my student to get a drink all of a sudden we had an epidemic of stomachaches.  What were we going to do!?

Then someone had a headache, their neck hurt, their toe hurt. "My finger hurts when I move it!"  "My elbow hurts Mrs. Wolfe!" "My knee is hurting."

"Please everyone stay calm! We need to hurry and drink some magic water from the fountain. It will make us all feel better." 

...it's amazing what you can come up with in a moment of panic.
And luckily for me that magic fountain was full of healing powers today

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