Friday, January 15, 2010

I forgot to tell you you're moving...

Yesterday was a tough day for my kindergarten students and for me.  One of their favorite classmates is moving to Mexico today.  I didn't even find out until yesterday afternoon.  My students' mom came into the school and informed the school they were leaving the next day and her childrens' teachers needed to inform her children of this.  Ummm.... WHAT!?  Shouldn't a child hear that they're moving to a different country from their parents?  Good job padres...way to make a sound decision.

It's not uncommon in our school to have kids come and go like it's nothing...but she had made so much progress with her English and I just can't think how scary it is for her to move...starting a new school, new teacher, new friends. Some of our kids have moved three times in a year.  

I didn't know what to tell my student.  I pulled her aside and gently said, "Remember how you used to live in Mexico?  Well your mom said today is your last day and you get to move back there tomorrow." And then I had to tell my class.  There were some tears and lots of heads dropped down. We dedicated our goodbye songs to her...gave her a wink and a smile...and said, "Adios."  

I hope she remembers me...

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  1. What a sad story. I know you and your kids made it a special day for her.