Monday, December 28, 2009


When I walked into my apartment yesterday I was greeted by my two favorite boys.  One, who is more hairy than the other, was acting a little strangely.  I think the first thing out of my mouth to Martin was "What did you do!?"  I figured it out really fast when I saw another furry black paw sticking out of Wilson's cat carrier.   

When I went to visit Martin at work last week we were so enthralled by the fact that a cat that was up for adoption looked EXACTLY like Wilson, except a girl.  We thought for sure they were siblings separated at birth.     

Martin was very sweet and thought I really wanted this other cat so he brought her home for a trial see how her and her lost brother got along.  Let's just say there's not much brotherly love right now.   Last night was pretty fun when I was awoken abruptly by the sound of hissing and low growling and then an 8lb cat body landing on my face.  Martin slept through the whole thing...

The funny thing about the two of them is that they both have unique old man features.  Wilson has extraordinarily long toe hair and Margo has extraordinarily long ear hair.   Maybe they are meant to be together.  So far today there has been very little hissing and now they are both sleeping in their established places in the apartment. Wilson looks like he's probably chasing Margo in his dream right now...his little feet are moving so fast.  

I feel like we're new parents again...scared, uncertain, wondering if the first born will be jealous or think we don't love him anymore.   I guess it just takes time and soon they will be best friends...or so we've been told :)  

which ones which? 

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