Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pajama Day!

Where else do you get to go to work and wear your pajamas?  This week was spirit week and today was our all time favorite spirit day....PAJAMA DAY!! Or as my students called it P-yama day.  "Mrs. Wolfe, I love your p-yamas!"  We were all decked out in our pjs...lots of spiderman and pink.   It feels so normal to be walking around your pajamas when everyone else is doing it.  I think people thought I was pretty stupid this morning scraping the ice off my car in my pajamas.  I wanted to yell, "It's pajama day...duh!"   I guess when I get home from work I'll already be ready for bed....

My lovely p-yama wearers

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  1. I love everyone in their p-yama's. You look especially nice!