Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Inside Recess...umm no thank you

What do you get when it snows  a little bit and is average winter temperatures outside?  That's right folks, glorious inside recess.  I don't mean to sound uncaring, but we are raising a generation of wimps.   The minute there is a snowflake on the ground it is a mad rush to get the kids inside.  Hurry hurry hurry!  Don't let that tiny little snowflake hit you on the head.

Do you EVER remember having inside recess when you were in elementary school?  I remember playing in the snow at recess and I'm pretty sure I'm still alive.  So the kids get a little cold, then I guess they'll be running a little faster on the playground.  Let's build some character in these kids...I mean we had to walk to school in 200 feet of snow uphill both ways...remember?

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  1. Ahhh-indoor recess, the bain of any teacher's existence-especially, though, a kindergarten teacher's. With very little recess this week due to the cold, my 25 special friends were CLIMBING THE WALLS, climbing all over each other...and generally making the day looooong and miserable.

    I feel your pain--and hope that Brian's able to give you access to the gym to give the kindies some running around time:-). -Eve