Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Saved By The Gym

Thank goodness for open gym time!! It is a Kindergarten teacher's saving grace.  Today we got to have some uninterrupted gym time because our students haven't been able to have any recess (inside or outside).   It was so much fun watching 100 little kinder children running and laughing.  They were just as happy as their teachers :)   What I loved seeing the most was that these kids don't need a lot to have fun.  They just need an open space and their best friends and they are off running as fast as their little legs will carry them.  They were so excited.

One of my students, who is quite round, was putting all of his energy into the climbing wall.  
"Mrs. Wolfe! Watch me, watch me!"  
He kept running back over to me after he attempted the first handhold (about 1 foot off the ground) and would yell, "Did you see how high I was?!" 
"Wow! You were on top of the world!"  
When he made it to the second handhold (about three feet off the ground) I heard him yelling, "I'm too high! I'm too high!"  It was then Mrs. Wolfe to the rescue...I think I'll add that to my resume, 'Climbing wall rescuer.'

I may be a little deaf from all the yelling and shouting, but it was worth it!

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