Tuesday, December 8, 2009

'A Little Chilly' is an Understatement

The weather has been so unbearably cold the past week.  I think this morning the temperature read 5 degrees!  It's just pure torture thinking about going outside. I keep thinking of my sister, Kate, who is enjoying 80 degree weather right now and an occasional beach visit.

Our school building has been getting colder and colder as the temperature oustide drops.   We are all bundled up in layers upon layers so we can stay warm from the constant drafts and snow blowing under the doors. Some of my students have resorted to wearing their pajamas underneath their clothes.  I'll be honest, that idea doesn't look so crazy when you can't feel your eyeballs because it's arctic temperatures inside.

I used to be the envy of my hallway.  My room was toasty warm and so cozy.  Then our superintendent stopped by for a visit and said, "It is MUCH to hot in here!! We must get this fixed at ONCE!!" Well when your superintendent wants something done it gets done.  Within a blink of an eye a maintenance man was in my room re-setting my thermostat.   Now we are suffering like everyone else, runny noses, frozen hands, constant shivering.   Our poor hermit crabs are probably wishing they were back at the beach with Kate instead of in room C7 freezing their shells off.

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