Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Survival Mode

Okay I'll admit it, I'm just as excited as my class of five year olds that Christmas Vacation is almost here.  Now the question is how do we survive the next two days!?   I think every teacher has downgraded into survival mode.  It's the only way we can make it through the week.  We all sort of look the same with glazed over eyes, a constant 'teacher look' stuck on our faces...you know the look, and piles of fun Christmassy worksheets stacked on our desk.   Our students are so excited they can no longer focus for more than a minute at a time.  So if we have anything imporant to say we have to condense it down to ten words or less and spit it out as fast as possible.  No wonder I'm tired,  it's like I've been a commercial the whole day...30 second intervals: loud, flashy, and fast.   It doesn't help that this is the week we are finishing up testing and filling out report cards.   I guess our reward is 14 days of uninterrupted bliss! No whining, tattling, and crying for 2 glorious weeks...the perks to being a teacher!

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