Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jessica R.

When I was in elementary school I was known as Jessica R.  There was another Jessica in our class and she was known as Jessica S.   I hated being called Jessica R.   Everyone else got to be called by their first name.  

When my student Angel came into school this morning after being absent all week the kids all cried, "Hi Angel R.! Welcome back Angel R.!"  Then, while I was waiting for some of my students to be picked up after school one of my little boys walked away yelling, "Bye Miguel G.!!"

What have I done!

I have three different duplicates of names in my class this year. Two Miguels, two Eduardos and two Angels. Without thinking I've been attaching the first letter of their last name onto their first name.  Now it is not simply Angel and Angel,  it is Angel R. and Angel E.   That's what they're going to be known as for the rest of their so sorry...I totally feel your pain.

My solution: Dear Parents, please be more creative when naming your children (and I don't mean naming your child Moonbeam or spelling Jennifer...Jaenipherr)

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