Saturday, November 28, 2009

Little Wilson Cat

Last March, Martin and I adopted THE MOST ADORABLE CAT ON THIS PLANET! at least in our opinion.   He is so cute I could seriously stare at him all day and not get bored.  Our family cat only likes my parents...which could possibly have been caused by the fact that my sister and I hugged him a little too much...  So I can't tell you how happy I am to have a cat that LOVES me back!

Wilson is about a year and half old and has officially reached his terrible twos.  And let's just say my wonderful husband hasn't helped the situation much.  I looked over into the kitchen a few weeks ago and saw Martin showing Wilson how to jump onto the counters.  "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!???" I calmly asked.  "I thought he'd want to see what was up there."    Hmmm

Despite his occasional moments of taught defiance, Wilson, has become the perfect fit to our little family.   And whether we know it or not, he is teaching us valuable parenting skills. Like not teaching your toddler how to jump onto the kitchen counters.

(sleeping in the laundry basket...I promise we won't teach our children this either.)