Monday, May 30, 2011

road trip down memory lane

Martin and I spent the day driving down county roads looking for the perfect place for pictures.  We ended up in our old stomping grounds of Greeley. It was a beautiful day until the wind picked up and the tornado warning came over the radio.  We made it to one of our old favorite restaurants and ran to the door just as the hail began to fall...
We found our old neighborhoods.  We drove down the street that Martin walked a million times between his place and mine. We saw the music building where we spent so much of our freshman year together. Martin had been a music major and I loved playing on the grand pianos in the practice rooms while he practiced his violin diligently...unless I distracted him too much :)

I saw the dining hall where I had worked and the dorms where we lived. I hadn't been to campus since Martin had graduated.  It was good to be back.  It's like seeing an old friend again.
So many important moments happened to me on that very's where Martin first told me he loved me.  
I love seeing how far we've come from that first day of college eight years ago.

We began driving away from the black tornado clouds and back home to the big city. The smell of cows became less and less the further south we drove and the sky became more blue. 
It's nice to have a day to escape for a while.  Tomorrow I'll go back to teaching my tiny group of Kindergarteners and Martin will start a very important day of cooking.


  1. These pictures are lovely, as is the story!

    As for the tornado, I am so over them. This season has been crazy. Down south, anyway.

  2. Thanks Autumn! Don't tornados sirens always ruin a perfectly nice day?

  3. Beautiful!! I love the pictures!! Sounds like a PERFECT day :)
    And you are GORGEOUS!!

  4. Courtney you say the sweetest things! You just made my day!