Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hello Warm Weather!

Please take notice that I am not wearing long sleeves, two layers, and a jacket. 
My arms are seeing the sun for the first time in months.
It finally feels like the end of school is near...I love hearing the playground being mowed through my open classroom window, the smell of sweet newly cut grass wafting in.  That to me says summer vacation is around the corner like nothing else.  With each passing day there is excitement growing in the air.   Only seven more days.  Seven more days with these little friends that I have spent nine months with, four seasons, and countless minutes.  Seven more days left together as a class that has become our little family.    

There is nothing like the ending of a school year.  The end of another chapter in the lives of teachers.  We become accustomed to the daily routines that we've created and in a blink of an eye the bell rings and the kids are gone until the next school year.  And as much as we wish our vacations would last and last, the kids will inevitably show up again in August and we will have to start all over again.  

But for now, I'm enjoying these last seven days I have with my students...celebrations, fun activities, and Kindergarten graduation.  I'll soak up the time together before they are big first graders and too old for someone to help them tie their shoes, too old for puppets, and too old to hold their teacher's hand. 


  1. Doesn't the sunshine feel wonderful?

    And I agree that the kiddos will miss their awesome teacher, but everyone needs a little summertime. Enjoy your last 7 days with them!