Thursday, May 19, 2011

Last Day

 It was a bit of a gloomy last day of school.
I guess it sort of fit the mood for saying goodbye. 

I love rainy days, mostly because we don't see them very often here in Colorado.  The past week has been nothing but gray cold skies.  It doesn't feel like we're on summer vacation. 

 These cloudy days just might make teaching summer school a little's when the sun is shining in all it's glory that I will be itching to be outside working on my summer tan. 

I have a few more things to finish up before I can be officially 'checked out' tomorrow.  And next week starts my summer session. Half day summer school this year and only six kindergarten students...that sounds like heaven :) 

Tonight I can sleep with the comforter and my flannel pajamas. I can listen to the rain hitting the window as I fall asleep. And for the first time since school started I can truly rest.


  1. I love rainy days too.
    These pictures are great!
    happy resting :)

  2. thanks! There's something about rainy days that are so peaceful!

  3. seriously...i just love rainy days. the sky is always beautiful, the rain smells so good, especially when it hits the desert! the pictures are amazing..hoping for rain here soon...monsoon season is in 3 more months lol...i might have to hold out until then.