Monday, May 2, 2011


I talked to my sister tonight like I always do.
She always puts my life back into perspective for me.
 We're never afraid to tell each other how it is...if the other is being too hard on herself, unrealistic, or "crazy" (as I may have been called tonight :) 
But I could only stay mad for a few seconds, because I knew she was right...and because she made me laugh.  
I was being crazy, I was being too hard on myself.  
I need her to bring me back to reality sometimes...and I let her because she knows me better than anyone. 
Of course my husband helps with this too, but I tend to pout for longer than a few seconds if he tries to tell me I'm wrong ;) 

I look at my twin sister and can't believe how beautiful she is...seriously can you say photogenic?  Sometimes I think I look so much different from her (and in some ways we do look different now). But I've always thought her features were just a little better than mine...her nose is smaller, her teeth are straighter, her hair is curlier....then she yells at me and says I look just like her and tells me to stop being such a weeny head.  

And I get awoken back to reality and see that we are both beautiful in our own ways. That we have so much of each other in ourselves.  

And I know that I am the luckiest person in the world to have some of me and some of Kate in everything that I am. 

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