Saturday, May 28, 2011

City Carnival

On my drive to work this week I noticed that a carnival had mysteriously appeared over night. One day it was an empty, abandoned parking lot where the seagulls congregated early in the morning and the next day it was full of rides that have seen their fair share of children. The abundance of rainbow colors looked out of place on a rundown busy city street. 
Aren't carnivals filled with the most interesting people? People who have weathered the long hot summer days and who have traveled from city to city. It shows in their face...their posture. Seeing the country through their eyes would be so curious and amazing. I feel out of place though, and can't seem to understand why the kids running around are so excited to ride the rickety rides.  When I was little I was too shy to try anything like that. I was content watching the rides spin around and hearing the other kids scream...I was relieved that it wasn't me being flipped upside down and backwards.  
This evening as my sister and I walked around, the smell of funnel cakes and popcorn wafted through the air. Anytime I smell a funnel cake I always think of carnivals...and being hot. We always seem to go to carnivals when it's 100 degrees outside and there are a million people milling around.  But tonight it wasn't crowded, and the sky was dark with rain clouds. 
I'm sure when I drive to work next week the carnival will have moved on. Like it was never there. The seagulls will have their parking lot back and the bright flashing lights will be off to the next great city.

Hope everyone is having a great start to their Memorial Day weekend! 
{Maybe find a carnival and ride a ride for me?}


  1. I just can't stop looking at your photos, great processing on them!

  2. Thank you Julie! I used a cross process technique on them.

  3. I love the story that your pictures tell.

  4. awesome pictures! i wish i could have walked around with you two