Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sweet With Lilac Air

 This evening we took a much needed walk. We found a bike trail not too far from our home and escaped from the busy city traffic...if only for a short time.  The air was so intoxicating with lilacs and I could hear the morning doves singing in the distance. Sometimes you just need an escape from it escape from your day, from the little things that get to you. 
There's nothing I love more than taking a walk with Martin.  We talk about everything.  How someday when we have children we'll play them all the great musicians so they can become lovers of music too...I told Martin my mom had listened to Air Supply when she was pregnant with my sister and I, he looked at me like it all made sense now :) 
We walked and walked as the trail took us through the cemetery.  It was quiet and it should be. 
I love watching the sun slowly set as it illuminates the trees from behind.  I love holding my husband's hand as we walk together, sharing moments that only we'll know about. 
I was sad that since we had moved, we no longer had a place to take our summer evening walks.  I'm so glad we found a trail that can become our trail. We can spend endless summer evenings walking, talking, loving each other, loving the amazing beauty that surrounds us. 


  1. You are such a sweet romantic. I guess Air Supply does explain it all.

  2. They are most favorite flowers! The smell alone...mmmm!