Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Food Log {Cavewomen Style}

I promise to hush up about all this Paleo talk, but my mom was wondering what I eat during the I thought I'd share incase others were interested too. If my family could see me now. They would truly not believe their eyes. It's true Daddy, I've been eating meat  t w i c e  a day! 

 Look out world, here comes Jessica, now only a slightly picky eater.  All I have to say is, "Take that!" to my five year old taste buds.

Here's a what a typical day looks like for me.  I'm not sure what it would look like if I didn't have a husband who was a meals would probably just be slopped onto a plate haphazardly. 
Martin's been so great trying to recreate the foods I love using creative ingredients.  We've had zucchini lasagna and pizza crust made from almond meal and coconut flour.  
I think we may have turned into that odd couple.  
You know the ones.  
The couple that keeps chickens in their living room and snacks on tree roots.  
Just be kind and tell me if I have dirt in my teeth.


  1. Thanks for sharing. You're right. Meat twice a day? Is this the Jessica I know?

  2. sounds good. You can come to our house for pasta made with spaghetti squash....that counts as paleo right? ~Elizabeth

  3. looks good - don't forget your 3 grams of fish oil

  4. Your husband is a chef? You lucky girl you! Thanks for making my mouth all looks amazing!