Sunday, May 1, 2011

Vino, Queso, and Quelf

A party devoted to cheese and wine where you get to wear your pajamas equals awesomeness (ahem...even if you are the only one in your pajamas ;)

My co-worker Marlena has become such a great friend.  We were fourth grade teammates for two years and even though we are in different hallways now, we still spend hours in each others rooms talking about school, life, her upcoming wedding(!)   

It's been great getting to know her circle of friends (many of them teachers and in the restaurant business too) and we got to know each of them a little better during last night's romping game of Quelf. It is the funniest, craziest game I have ever played...the makes you laugh until you can't breathe sort of game.  
I may not be very good at these games. My shyness definitely takes over...I can feel my face getting beet red and my breathing gets shallow, but sometimes you have to just let it all go so that you can do a belly dance and say, "WILLY WONKA HAS ARRIVED!" every time someone draws a card. 

I think I know which game my family will be playing at the next Redente Christmas...


  1. Sounds like something we would love.

  2. That sounds like a blast! Cute idea :)

  3. we absolutely loved having you and Martin. I look forward to more opportunities for Vino, Queso, and Quelf! :)