Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Did you ever notice that one of the most important things to a five year old is if someone cuts them in line? The world seriously ends. You hear screams and shouts and turn to look. Someone is standing smugly while everyone around them wants justice NOW! It doesn't matter how sneaky the culprit is, someone will always notice. So you walk over to intervene and ask the person who is being accused, "Did you cut in line?" I don't even know why we ask this. What five year old in their right mind is going to say, "Yes, I sure did. I'll go to the end of the line now." Today I tried to teach my students to let it go...does it really matter? Aren't we all going to the same place? They looked at me like I was insane, YES IT MATTERS, MRS. WOLFE! GEEZ! The line cutter is clearly committing the biggest Kindergarten crime there is.

I don't think this feeling actually ever leaves us.  I was standing in line at King Soopers a couple weeks ago and this lady started to slowly ease her cart in between mine and the person in front of me.  I felt my blood begin to boil.  Didn't she know I was there first!?  I wanted to tell the cashier that this person was cutting in front of me, do something about it!

So maybe I know how my students feel when someone steps right in front of them when they clearly got their first.   I think tomorrow we'll go to ABC order :)


  1. "Budging" "Cutting" matter what they call it, their place in the line is a never-ending battle. I've tried to make it more fun by calling the last person the "caboose." I wonder how many more minutes we'd have in our day if we got back the time wasted on line arguments. For the love!

  2. I know! ABC order worked miracles yesterday (when they could remember where they stood of course) :)