Sunday, November 8, 2009

Back to Work...

I have to admit, when you teach Kindergarten, or any grade for that matter, it can be extremely exhausting.  It can be hard to get the energy to start again on Monday.

Sometimes though, when I think about how excited my students are on Monday morning, it gets me excited and ready to go too.   You should see their faces when they're standing in line waiting for the bell to ring.  It's like they're in line at a candy store...they are literally jumping up and down with huge smiles on their faces. When I walk outside to greet them I am bombarded with hugs and new stories they want to share.  "Look at my new shoes, Mrs. Wolfe, they have Spiderman on them!" or "Look, I got my hair cut!" or "My tooth is loose!"  It's like they haven't seen me in years and if they don't hurry and share their story right now they are going to BURST!   They have already forgotten anything negative from last week and they are looking at you like you are their most favorite person in the whole world.

I have a little boy who gets SO excited to be at school that his whole body wiggles with excitement.  When we sing our morning song he cannot contain himself.  Usually he does a little dance or jumps up and down and kicks his legs up in the air.  He doesn't have a care in the world at that moment, he is happy that we are singing and he doesn't care if anybody's watching.

Can you imagine if you ran up to your boss when you got to work and said, "HEY MR. JONES? MR. JONES!  GUESS WHAT I DID THIS WEEKEND!?"  or "LOOK AT MY SHIRT, IT HAS A PATTERN ON IT!"   Ha ha maybe work would be much more fun if we had a little five year old in us still :)


  1. Jessica-I saw your link on facebook and I hope you don't mind that I clicked on it. I love that you're blogging about teaching kindergarten. I started a teaching blog last year and didn't follow through with it...I can't wait to read about your insights. Hope your kiddos are treating you well-I have 25 kinders in my class and it's definitely exhausting!


    Eve Ardell

  2. You're right. We should have a little bit more of a 5 year old in us. Life would be better for all of us.