Thursday, November 5, 2009

Are you my mommy?

Since I started teaching Kindergarten, I've been called many things.  Maestra (teacher in Spanish), hey you, and my all time favorite Mr. Wolfe.  Lately, I've also been responding to mommy and even an occasional daddy (do I seriously look like your dad?!)  I remember in 4th grade I called my teacher, Mr. Hazen, "daddy." I was mortifyed!  I guess it shows how comfortable our students become in our classrooms.

Today, my puppet Mr. Dragon and I were going over the rules of the classroom.  Sometimes I pretend Mr. Dragon is still sleeping and we have to "gently" wake him up-- or scream at the top of our lungs, depending on our maturity level that day.  I gently nudged him until his snoring stopped.  Someone yelled in a very concerned voice that I was going to get bitten by Mr. Dragon.  I told them I was waking him up very nicely so he wouldn't wake up grumpy.  Then I heard,  "He won't bite you, you're his mommy!"
The Dugger Family of 18 has nothing over me.  I'm a mommy (and daddy) to 23 Kindergarteners and one dragon.  I win.

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  1. Whose your Daddy? I am! Great Blog. I am enjoying hearing about your adventures in "Kindergarten World"!