Friday, November 27, 2009

A Happy Thanksgiving

Yesterday my family had the largest Thanksgiving celebration we have ever had! My dad cooked up two pans of his homemade lasagna (I couldn't be more thankful that I don't have to eat turkey on Thanksgiving) and we enjoyed our Italian feast.  Our day was shared with my new mother-in-law Pam and her friend Jeff, along with my Aunt Jane, and my cousins Ann Marie, Mary, Jean Marie, Lee, and Kiya!  We were just missing my two sisters...who I'm sorry to say had to have some kind of poultry for dinner yesterday.

Jean Marie, Kiya, Ann Marie, Mary, and Me

(And here is my special plug for my cousin Mary who recently came out with her CD called Breakaway. *available on amazon and iTunes*  She sang a few of her songs for us yesterday and we are all blown away! Check it out for yourself! )

It was a perfect day...I'm so thankful for my wonderful, wonderful family

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