Monday, November 16, 2009

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

Five year olds are really good at telling you when you're wrong or you've messed up.  Pretty much everyday I forget to change the specials on the daily schedule.  I know I've forgotten as soon as I hear "Mrs. Wolfe, YOU FORGOT TO CHANGE THE SPECIALS!"  Today I left music up on the schedule from Friday.  Someone started the domino effect by shouting out that, "We did NOT have music today, Mrs. Wolfe!"  Then I think every student after that proceeded to tell me that I still had music up and today was P.E.  Clearly, I hadn't heard the first voice.  

I dismiss kids from the carpet by row color.  This afternoon I was going about dismissing the rows "Red row may go, blue row may go..."  Then all of a sudden I accidentally slipped and said, "Green table may go..." You would have thought I just cursed up a storm.  The whole class corrected me immediately saying "YOU SAID 'TABLE' NOT ROW!!!"  okay, okay geez.

But the all time worst is when they correct your appearance. We have school spirit shirts that we are allowed to wear on Fridays.  When I haven't done laundry that is usually my choice of attire.  I opened the door to let the kids in and one of my little boys says as he walks by, "Did you have to wear that today?"  


  1. My favorite appearance comment is from Tremayne when you taught fourth grade. I think it went something like this... "Ms. Redente what's up with your hair?"

  2. haha!! "Um not to be rude or anything, but you're having a really bad hair day."