Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Candy for Breakfast?

This week has been quite an adventure in the land of Kindergarten! Last week we were off for Fall Break plus the kids had the excitement of trick-or-treating on Saturday.

On Monday my 23 little friends staggered in quietly with deer in the headlight looks. It was basically the first day of school all over again. They were following directions, sharing, and helping their friends. It was amazing! I thought with a week off from school and probably pounds of sugar inhaled, our day would have looked differently.  This was turning out to be a great start to the week!  

As I was teaching math this afternoon, I looked out into the sea of little faces and I knew I had spoken too soon. One student had discovered his belly button and had his shirt high over his head. Another student was actually chewing on his shoe, yes that's right, the bottom of his shoe was literally in his mouth (a very advanced Yoga move). A couple of kids had their fingers up their noses, although this isn't really that uncommon.  A few boys had realized that if they clicked their tongues against the roof of their mouths they could make an incredibly annoying sound. One of them even walked up to me (during my lesson) and said, "Mrs. Wolfe, can you make this sound with your tongue?" Umm...weren't we talking about how to make a pattern? Oh, and I can't forget, one of my students was not even on the rug at this time. He was pushing his chair around the room in a zig zag fashion doing who knows what. Maybe he was pretending it was a lawn mower or a shopping cart. Needless to say we stopped our math and stood up to wiggle our wiggles out.

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  1. Your day made me laugh out loud. Your kiddos are a treat.