Monday, April 11, 2011

I even bore my cat

I can just hear her little voice, "Ummm excuse me mom? This is super boring..."

Yesterday I was pretty Bored, with a capital B. It's amazing how even if you're not doing anything with your husband, just having them around makes you feel...well, less bored.  

I rearranged some things.
Emptied out some things.
Threw away some things.
Put things away.
Took waaay too many pictures of my cat

see?  b o r i n g.

It's boring being bored.  I was trying so hard to find something to do that I actually put the laundry away...Martin can thank me later. 

I'd better find a new hobby during the next two weeks or I'm going to end up with an embarrassing amount of cat pictures...

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