Friday, April 15, 2011

a new rule made special for mrs. wolfe

I added this rule today. 
Because if you follow this rule I will love you.
The end of the school year is, I believe, the most difficult time of year for a teacher.  Sure, sure the time before Winter Break is a doozy, but the end of the year is a whole new ball park.  I was totaling the number of tests I have to give before school ends. 
oh, you couldn't read that
yes siree
Just wondering how I'm supposed to still teach and keep growing young minds and preparing my students to be big first graders...anyone? Yeah because it's impossible.
And it's the time of year when we start to see a lot of behaviors...spring fever is a serious disease. 

But it's okay because there are only 23 days of school!
I can not wait for summer...beautiful, warm, sunshiny summer :)


  1. If the teacher ain't happy, nobody is.

  2. it IS tough. those little guys are so ready to be first graders. it's hard to keep 'em focused. i love that tree in your classroom!

  3. how do we do this? and stay happy?

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