Saturday, April 9, 2011

six years later

Today Kate and Bobby are celebrating their six year anniversary. Did I ever tell you the story of when they first met? It was Kate's Freshman year at the University of Colorado.  Bobby was visiting friends, one who happened to be Kate's newest friend. 
They met.
Played a song on the piano together. 
He left.  
Fast forward months later to a dorm hallway at the University of Northern Colorado.  Bobby was visiting more friends (boy he sure has a lot of friends) and he noticed a girl down the hall. He told his friends that he had met that girl before.  They told him it was impossible. And it was, because it was me.
A few months later Bobby ventured off to Arizona.
When he returned back to Boulder a whole year later he asked his friend for the girl's phone number he had played the piano with. 
He eventually realized she was a twin...
They've been together ever since.
When Kate was offered her job in Florida, Bobby didn't even think twice.  He moved with her thousands of miles away.  
We are so glad he did. 

{happy anniversary!}

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