Tuesday, April 12, 2011


h m m m m...if this was the best one, then I'd like to see the ones that didn't make the cut. 

I didn't have my individual picture taken this time around to avoid the inevitable awkwardness.

Photo Lady: Okay come sit on this crate made for elementary students with your elbow on your knee and your fist under your chin
Me: Seriously? 
Photo Lady: Okaaaay, lean forward...No! Too much! Tilt your head to the left, now bring your chin forward.  Bring your knee up and twist your body slightly to the right. Okaaaay on the count of three I'm going to shoot a really huge flash bulb in your eye and I want you to look as natural as possible. ONE! TWO! *flash*
Me: I think you took it before you said three.
Photo Lady: NEEXXT!

Last year I forgot it was picture day and came to school with a high pony tail that made me look like I was 10 and my school pride t-shirt...  

My mom tells me that I'm lucky to have one of the only professions that will document my career yearly.  And it's true.  It will be fun one day when I retire to look back over all my classes I've had...the students that really impacted me, the classes I feel I was able to really inspire and most importantly how my hair styles have changed.

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  1. Not bad. Only one out of 22 didn't get the message.