Monday, April 18, 2011

I Miss This Guy

Next Monday can not come soon enough. My heart is seriously aching to see Martin again. After nine years together I still can't get enough of his cute face. 

Martin finally called me on Saturday.  Other than a quick e-mail letting me know he'd actually made it I hadn't heard from him all week. 

Me: It's so good to hear from you! I'm glad you're finally calling me. 
Martin: I've been in Italy 

WHAT?! ITALY!? I thought you had gone to get the mail!!

It was a short conversation intertwined with shouts of "WOA! A Ferrari! No WAY! A Maserati!!"  Followed by a high pitched squeal that I'm hoping was a wild pig in the street and not my husband. 

I think this aching love sick feeling is one sided :) Maybe Martin will remember he was supposed to miss me when he sees me at the airport next week.  

But not to worry, Kate has spent hours of Skype time with me and Elizabeth and my brother-in-law, Don, have taken good care of me while my sole provider of meals is away ogling at fancy Italian cars.